Placement Journal


Mon Jan 05, 10:35am
Day 1

Doin setup of system, meaning install Win2K, 
install Norton Corp, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Office 2K and all necessary updates(Windows, Norton).

Mon Jan 05, 01:07pm
2 First Days
So far, my 2 first days(today and tomorrow), 
are going to be fairly simple and boring, since
all that i\'m doing is research about intranet sites..
Even though I don\'t really find it usefull, y argue when u get to take it easy.
Also Esa said i can look for templates.. but it\'s
hard to get a good one thats editable.. so I\'ll
probably just make my own.

Mon Jan 05, 04:17pm
Learnt a little bit about how to creat PDF..
Still don\'t know how to make forms though.. which
is what i need :S Go figure.

Tue Jan 06, 11:00am
Day 2.. Same Shit Different Day(SSDD). Another research shift.
I can\'t say that it\'s being a total loss seeing as I did learn to use Adobe
and create PDF files with forms... which I will need for the Intranet site i\'m
gonna be working on. Other then that, nothing for now.. hopefully they give me something.

Tue Jan 06, 12:15pm
Wow, i actually made progress.. I now have a network printer I can use
and I tested the PDF form to see if it prints out the content of the fields
and such. Success! Now i\'m back to being bored.

Wed Jan 07, 01:35pm
I Got Work!!
Oh wow, I actually have something to base my project on.. about freakin time.
Although its still pretty vague and don\'t have all the details, its better then nothing.
Now I gotta learn Micro$oft Projects to make my 14 week plan. Pray that I do good..
I know I am..

Thu Jan 08, 12:50pm
Getting There
I\'m slowly but surely advancing in my project. I\'m starting the list for content
and I got my preliminary plan in MS Project down. According to that plan.. i\'ll be done plenty early so chances are my plan is way off.
Aw well, its done atleast. No its just a matter of waiting till i can finish this list of content
and then getting the actual stuff and start.
Ciao for now

Fri Jan 09, 08:51am
Woohoo friday! But with all good news theres bad.. I gotta work at my other job right 
after here.. so i won\'t be happy for TGIF till 9:30 tonight :/ Aw well, i got tomorrow off!!
So thats a plus. Anyway, I got 1 of the 2 books I was told to get, MS Project for Dummies(shush),
And I gotta ask Esa if I should order the Intranet related one off the net. Just to
show how much I slack off, I created a temp logo for Punkass Freakshow(yes I know its about time) 
But it\'s all good. Today all i\'m basically doing is reading that book and learning Project.. 


Mon Jan 12, 10:33am
New Week
Week 2, I miss sleeping in, aw well. Today i\'m planning on getting my info for what to put on the
intranet site. I also ordered a book about intranet to help me out. So i\'m gonna have to
call around for my info.. which i don\'t wanna do. Aw well, i learnt how to use cookies!

Wed Jan 14, 09:54pm
Oopsie, i\'m renovating my site so i accendently deleted the up to date journal.. so
i\'m missing yesterday and today\'s entries.. aw well, yesterday i did nothing except get an email
address. And today i did a virus cleanup and made an appointment to get info for the site.. woohoo

Thu Jan 15, 04:28pm
PDF Mania
Went and met up with Rhonda, she gave me some forms and sheets she wanted
convertedto PDF. She also had something about a database.. not sure what she
wants with that yet, but i will soon find out. So i pretty much just converted
stuff to PDF and put them on the site, woohoo it\'s starting to come together.
Wish the other companies would give me their stuff though.. it\'s like they didn\'t
get the email.. damn slackers hehe.

Fri Jan 16, 01:45pm
2 down, 13 to go
Week two is done. So only 13 left and i\'m done. Did more PDF converting and finished
off what i had. Gonna tweak up my work plan for Esa. Also fixed a printing problem.

Fri Jan 23, 12:48pm
Week in Review
Oops, lost track of the journal.. so i\'ll just review what i did for the week:

Monday: Sent out more requests for information and forms.

Tuesday: -Converted some stuff into PDF
         -got intranet book, read that

Wednesday: -Fixed 2 printer problems
           -got more info
           -more PDF making
           -read book
           -worked on the site

Thursday: -read book
          -PDF making
          -worked on the site
Mon Jan 26, 02:11pm
Friday - Monday
Friday: -PDF conversions
        -changed offices
        -moved around a few PCs
        -relocated printers

Monday: -Meeting
        -worked on website a bit
        -set up computer for new guy in my old office.
        -PDF conversions

Wed Jan 28, 10:38am
Onward Bound
Did alot of progress on site, added more forms and spreadsheets.
Helped Amir with his computer.

Mon Feb 02, 01:49pm
Crazy Few Days
Wow.. what a week.. since i last left off on wednesday.. i did alot:

Wednesday(after entry): -we had Novarg(MyDoom) so me Andre and Roger stayed over
night to fix it.. we stayed there till 7am so we had a 24 hour shift.
For the record it was all for nothing :(

Thursday: took the day off and slept

Friday: Had a bunch of problems with printers and the network because of
the changes we made wednesday. so we settled all that.
Also i formatted and reinstalled another machine. Roger found out Bucko had the virus :/

That is all

Fri Feb 13, 02:22pm
Long Time No See
It\'s been a while. Was really busy running around town with Roger and Andre.
I mostly collected information, helped get rid of the Norvarg/MyDoom virus.
Today I started making an entry feature for \"Meeting Minutes\".
It works good.. only bad thing is that it doesn\'t change lines. Stupid M$ Access :S

Sat Feb 20, 11:28am
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