Vans Warped Tour 2003!

Holy mother of JESUS! That my friend... ROCKED! Here's a few pics that I took Sorry if they suck.. its hard to take pics in a mosh pit or if you're in the back, but rest assured.. whether the pics suck or not.. I GOT TO SEE EM ALL FROM CLOSE hehehe. Stay tuned for a little resume of my day at Warped 2003 whenever i have time to write it.
Woohoo! they're here! And I got CDs for free! The schedule.. so beautiful Pepper.. cool band.. they're new Dude.. stop phoning and PLAY! Stupid rain.. look what it did to the awesome hawk! S.T.U.N, very nice set I forget who this is.. but they were pretty cool Suicide Machines.. they haulled ASS! And made us rush the ppl that were waiting for The Ataris.. YES MASTER! Thanks to the Ataris.. some guy is finally getting laid.. ask me for the story.. heh Thrice were good too.. hellz yeah I thought this was Mest at first.. but its actually Face to Face.. so don't mind the filename..heh Mad Caddies.. one of the top shows that day.. lost a shoe.. moshed with only 1.. found it later Less Than Jake.. they insulted Boston and were scared Dropkick Murphys would get mad.. teehee They had some skaters n bikers there too.. here's a pic.. yay I was a little late to get a spot for Dropkick Murphys but still impressive from a distance Another great performance by Pennywise Holy fuck.. almost died in the Rancid pit... so i backed off for the pic.. it sucks.. sorry :( MmmMmmMMm I love the lead singer from Tsunami Bomb! Put on a good show too! Spike Slawson from Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Mother fuckin FAT MIKE!!! MY IDOL!! getting ready with the Gimmes Spike n Fatty talkin Mike and Joey Cape.. another idol of mine Dave.. such skill on the drums What was left of my glasses after the show